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“CLS has a highly effective balance of experience, energy and expectation. It is a dynamic place to work where change is a constant but support is always available. It is both demanding and rewarding with a strong work ethic. We are proud of our reputation and have an unshakable belief in our value and capability.”

Bob, Service Delivery Director – London

"CLS offers a fast-paced and challenging business environment, as you would expect for a company that moves over 
US$4 trillion every day.” 

Kiyoshi, Relationship Manager – Tokyo

“CLS is unique within the financial service industry, in that it connects seventeen central banks and the world's top financial institutions in a global system that successfully mitigates settlement risk. It is a pleasure to work for CLS, an integral part of the financial market.”

Linda, Operations Manager New York


Our role and daily activities put us at the very heart of the largest financial market in the world, the FX market.

The success of our business is matched only by the excellence of our staff. The talent and commitment of our employees is critical to our achievements and we welcome applications from passionate individuals who can thrive in a challenging and dynamic environment.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We take pride in who we are. CLS is the only financial services organization of its kind. We are owned by the FX community. As such, we play a critical role in sustaining day-to-day operations of the global FX market.
  • We take pride in our track record and we are deeply committed to delivering excellence and consistent results.
  • We take pride in our people. At CLS we thrive on our diverse work force and collaborative work culture. As such, we are committed to providing equality of opportunity on the basis of merit, regardless of sex, race, nationality, age, disability, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or status.
  • We offer a range of career opportunities. Central to our service delivery model is risk, operations, technology and strategy expertise. We employ staff in a range of disciplines including finance, risk, legal, IT, banking operations, human resources, strategy, and relationship management.
  • We invest in our talent. Our commitment to attracting top-talent is unwaivering. We provide successful applicants with a competitive remuneration package, learning opportunities and the chance to work in the exciting FX market as part of a skilled, high-calibre team.

For more information about the career opportunities available at CLS, please click here.