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Media Contacts

For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Nick Murray-Leslie
Chatsworth Communications

Email Nick
+44 20 7440 9780

 In The News

CNBC, March 2016: CLS's Dino Kos joined the team on CNBC to discuss the impact of the Federal Open Market Committee’s decision to readjust its forecast on the number of interest rate hikes for the year. (link to a video of the interview)

CNBC, July 2015: David Puth interview on CNBC's Squawk Box (link to a video of the interview)

The Economist, September 2013:
CLS, Guardian of the Market (link to The Economist)

FX Week, September 2013: CLS offers same-day USD/CAD trades (link to pdf of article)

Sibos Dubai, September 2013: Sibos TV talks to David Puth, Chief Executive Officer, CLS Group (link to YouTube video)

Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems Volume 7 Number 2, June 2013: Gerard Hartsink on the ten year evolution of CLS (link to pdf of article)

Profit & Loss, February 2013:
David Puth on CLS: A private company performing a public service (link to pdf of article)

FX Week, December 2012: The challenges of regulation and technology in FX (link to

FX Week, October 22 2012:
Spotlight on David Puth (link to pdf article)

FX Week, October 15 2012: CLS: the 10-year-old man in the middle (link to pdf article)

Profit & Loss, September 2012: Puth New CLS CEO as Systemically Important Status Recognised (link to pdf article), September 2011: The quietest big bank you've never heard of  (link to