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Aggregated FX trade reports

CLS publishes standardized and aggregated FX trade reports on a subscription basis through Quandl. To find out more visit the data services section of our website.

CLS data insights

CLS's data insight series looks at the impact of macroeconmoic events on volumes in the FX market. You can view these reports here.

 Market Reports

CLS is ideally placed to provide a unique perspective of what is happening in the FX market.

Our monthly market report provides information on FX trading activity, comparing the current month to prior months and looking at daily and hourly activity within the month. An example of the report can be found below. In addition, our data insights series looks at the impact of macroeconomic events on the FX market.

All of our reports are based on trade data submitted to us in operation of our settlement and aggregation services, available on a subscription basis. Find out more here 

If you would like to receive these reports in the future, simply complete the form below and press send.

CLS market report - January 2017

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