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Find out more about CLS, its fundamental role in the FX market and the benefits of membership.

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CLS’s vision is to be the industry choice for cooperative solutions for FX post-trade settlement services and efficiencies.

CLS changes the way the financial services industry operates by linking central banks and the world’s leading financial institutions in a unique global settlement system. It settles payment instructions relating to FX spot, FX forward, FX swap and over-the-counter (OTC) credit derivatives transactions.

CLS is actively seeking to extend the coverage of its settlement risk mitigation service - bringing in more participants, more currencies and providing more settlement sessions. Participants can access the settlement service either directly (as a Settlement Member) or indirectly (through Settlement Members providing access to third parties).

Aware of our clients’ needs, we also offer services that are intended to complement the settlement service.    CLS Aggregation, a joint venture with Traiana, was established to provide an industry solution to processing volume growth. The CLS In/Out Swaps service enables the management of intraday liquidity, and the CLS Settlements Directory offers a single, secure source of authenticated CLS settlement information.

All of our services can benefit you and your business. Explore this section to find out how your organization can benefit from using CLS.