CLS Annual Report and Consolidated Accounts

31 December 2018

Providing exceptional risk mitigation and operational services to the global foreign exchange market starts with our people.

At CLS we focus on attracting, developing and retaining a high performing workforce supported by strong leadership through our recruitment, reward, talent development and employee engagement practices. Attracting the most talented and high-performing individuals ensures that our organization has the diversity of skills, behaviors, backgrounds and experience it needs to succeed.

In addition to a robust program of learning and development, we continually strive to be an employer of choice – one that attracts and retains the best talent, collaborates effectively and innovates for the successful delivery of our vision and strategy. Our cohesive engagement strategy and strong employee value proposition is also underpinned by diversity, employee wellbeing and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We are committed to promoting diversity, preventing discrimination and providing a supportive and inclusive working environment for everyone. Activities to support this in 2018 included a series of anti-harassment workshops for employees, diversity and inclusion workshops and a number of initiatives to highlight events such as Black History month, International Women’s Day and Pride.

Health@CLS, our employee wellbeing program, runs a range of activities and events throughout the year, all with the aim of fostering a healthy and psychologically safe working environment. As well as encouraging healthy behavior, the program provides employees with a support framework for anything related to physical, mental, environmental and social health.

At CLS we also support the local communities in which we operate – CSR is becoming an increasingly integral part of our organizational culture. As part of our CSR program all employees are supported to spend time away from the office, actively volunteering for charitable causes. Additionally we select charities in our local communities to partner with each year, focusing our employee fundraising activities where most needed.

As CLS continues to evolve as an organization, we are taking an even more strategic approach to our people agenda, coordinating activity across all regions and aligning processes to our vision and values. We believe we can maximize CLS’s potential as an ongoing driver of positive change for our colleagues as well as our clients.


Kathryn Herrington

Chief Administration Officer

Annual financial report 2018