We are the trusted party at the center of the global FX ecosystem.

Created by the market for the market, our unrivaled global settlement infrastructure reduces systemic risk and provides standardization for participants in many of the world’s most actively traded currencies. We deliver huge efficiencies and savings for our clients: in fact, our approach to multilateral netting shrinks funding requirements by over 96% on average, so you can put your capital and resources to better use.

Our mission is to minimize systemic risk while improving funding and operational efficiency – so that clients can do business with confidence and make their capital go further.


Our complementary products are designed to enable you to manage your risk most effectively across the full FX lifecycle – whether through more efficient processing tools or market intelligence derived from the largest single source of FX executed data available to the market.


Our unique position at the center of the FX market and our active engagement with a network of leading banks, corporations, investors and central banks, as well as the global regulatory community, gives us unparalleled insight into genuine market needs. Insight drives our agenda, ensuring we innovate to meet those needs as they evolve in line with new regulations, new technologies and emerging currencies.


In the world's largest market, you need a partner who is by your side, well-informed, and always thinking ahead. You need a partner you can trust. That’s why over 70 of the world’s most important financial institutions choose to be members of CLS – and over 28,000 more use our services.


Trusted Market Solutions. 

CLS Corporate overview