Introduction/ 会议简介
Agenda and slides
Keynote speakers and panellists
Academic papers/ 学术论文
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Introduction/ 会议简介

On September 13 (Wednesday), the National Institution for Finance & Development (NIFD), authorized by China’s central government as one of 25 national-level think tanks, and CLS held a joint forum at the Academic Hall of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) on RMB internationalization and the foreign exchange market.

Financial market infrastructures, including payment and settlement systems, play a vital role in the internationalization of the renminbi. As China’s economy and financial strength grows so will the expected global use of RMB (and therefore FX) for trade settlement and investment. However this must be supported by, among other things, an efficient, robust and reliable cross-border payment and settlement system that allows FX market participants to safely manage their counterparty exposures and settlement risk. These important topics underpinned the agenda and discussions themes at the joint forum.

The forum included keynote speeches from the Chairman of the NIFD, Li Yang, and the Deputy Administrator of the State Administration for Foreign Exchange (SAFE), Lu Lei. Panelists included the Chairman of BNY Mellon APAC, David Cruikshank; the Head of Public Policy APAC for BlackRock, Winnie Pun; the Head of Global Markets for HSBC, Ryan Song; the CEO of Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA), Mark Austen; senior managers from Chinese payment systems and leading Chinese economists and senior executives from CLS.  Two research papers based on CLS’s aggregated, executed FX trade data were also presented at the forum, which was attended by almost 200 people from a diverse range of delegates including representatives from public bodies, academic and policy advisors, market participants and industry bodies.

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国家金融与发展实验室理事长李扬和国家外汇管理局副局长陆磊在论坛中发表主旨演讲。BNY Mellon亚太区主席David Cruikshank,BlackRock亚太区公共政策主管Winnie Pun、汇丰银行环球资本市场总监宋跃升,ASIFMA首席执行官Mark Austen、来自中国支付清算系统的高级管理人员、中国学术界领先的专家学者,以及CLS的高级管理人员等嘉宾分别发表了演讲并参与了讨论。此外,论坛中汇报了两篇基于CLS的汇总外汇交易数据的学术论文。本次论坛共吸引了近二百位来自学术和行业协会、金融机构、政策和公共机构的代表参加。


RMB Internationalization and FX Market Forum

RMB Internationalization and FX Market Forum

  • Beijing
  • 13-13 Sep 17

RMB Internationalization and FX Market Forum