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Our people are central to everything we do.  The success of our business depends on the commitment of our colleagues and their expertise.

At CLS, we develop solutions to real problems.  Our network gives us unparalleled insight into market challenges, and our specialist teams catalyse that insight into foresight.  We combine this with technical precision and imagination, and a deeply held commitment to deliver client impact.

 CLS is a company doing something out of the ordinary. We have numerous exciting new projects on the go and, even if it is challenging at times, the work is never static. There is a good working atmosphere within my division, and among the people I regularly work with from other divisions. There are more educational and social events than ever before and, from a material point of view, the company benefits are very good. One thing I can say with absolute certainty about our future is that it will keep us on our toes and definitely not be boring! 

At CLS, we develop solutions to real problems.

 My days vary quite a bit due to the aggressive pace at which we are moving to deliver and enhance products. Areas of focus include stakeholder engagement, defining commercial details for products, leading projects to deliver new products, engaging with clients to socialize product updates, and developing marketing materials. I joined CLS to be a part of a smaller organization in which I could have a greater direct impact. As we evolve, there will inevitably be challenges and hurdles but CLS is full of bright, hard working, and genuinely good people, and the organization is fully invested in working through any bumps in our way. 

 CLS is a global institution that sits at the center of the FX market, and this position means that employees across the organization are regularly presented with some fairly unique opportunities. I personally engage with representatives from twenty-three central banks from around the world on important policy issues for financial market infrastructures and the post-trade market. As well as being great for my career, this keeps things interesting and means that no two days are ever the same! 

 The best thing about working for CLS is the opportunity to have a direct impact on the company's achievements and successes. This is facilitated in so small part by the support of the people I work with in my division. We are a relatively small company and the impact of our efforts on the company's success is very visible. You don't get to rest on your laurels - and that's a good thing! 


 As well as responding to a wide range of issues, from routine questions to complex, multifaceted issues, a typical day involves focusing on the key company initiatives and goals that require prioritizing at that time. This could involve brainstorming solutions and presenting and sharing progress with management and colleagues. There is a healthy focus on elements of our culture, including diversity and inclusion, and professional events to further learning and community. 

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Culture at CLS

Kathryn Herrington - Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) talks about the Culture at CLS

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