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The trend toward asset globalization and higher foreign content in domestic portfolios continues to rise, raising the profile and need for FX transactions and hedging within institutional portfolios. As a result, investment managers have placed increasing importance on FX trading in recent years. We offer a range of settlement, processing and data solutions to reduce risk and create efficiencies for investment managers active in the FX market.

Settlement - reduce risk, improve efficiency and increase liquidity

CLSSettlement: Mitigate settlement risk for your FX trades, while benefiting from operational efficiencies, in addition to best-in-class netting and liquidity management.

Processing - bringing together innovation and standardization

CLSNet: Our bilateral payment netting solution, built on a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform, allows you to drive operational process efficiencies, such as optimizing intraday liquidity, enabling real-time awareness of currency and counterparty exposures, and reducing risk.

CLSTradeMonitor: An innovative post-trade monitoring and reporting tool designed for asset managers, funds, banks, non-bank financial institutions and multinational corporations to efficiently manage executed FX trades through timely, consolidated reporting across all their CLSSettlement providers.

Data - Achieve greater insight

CLSMarketData: A a comprehensive suite of FX data products designed to provide quality insight and analytics both in real-time and historical for financial efficiency, visibility and control.


Best practice in FX settlement - Mesirow Financial

In this article, Marisa Kurk, Senior Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for Mesirow Financial’s Currency …

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