The FX market remains fragmented, and improving post-trade efficiency has become a significant business differentiator for our clients.

CLS Processing products offer unique solutions to drive greater standardization in the post-trade environment. They build on the deep FX expertise we have developed in delivering our world leading settlement service. And they draw on the market insights we derive from our vast and unequalled network. They enable clients to free up capital, improve their leverage ratios, manage counterparty exposure and mitigate operational and credit risk. Our products deliver the efficiencies, synergies and cost savings our clients need to remain competitive in an evolving market.


Access additional processing capacity and reduce operational risk caused by high-frequency, low-value FX trading using our trade aggregation service.


Manage your gross notional exposures, optimize your capital requirements and mitigate your counterparty credit risk using our award-winning FX compression service.


Reduce the amount of funds and number of payments required to settle your FX trades not settling in CLSSettlement, while benefiting from enhanced operational and risk management.