Since the FX Global Code’s (the Code) inception, we have been actively engaged in its development and continue to contribute to discussions to its enhancement. Find out more about our contributions to the Code and how we support our clients in meeting its requirements. You will also find a public register for market participants' Statements of Commitment.

The Code is a set of global principles of good practice for the FX market. It provides a common set of guidelines to promote the integrity and effective functioning of this vital part of the global financial system, with a turnover of more than USD6 trillion a day.

It was developed through a partnership between central banks and market participants around the globe. It promotes a robust, fair, liquid, open and appropriately transparent market in which market participants can confidently and effectively transact at competitive prices that reflect available market information and in a manner that conforms to acceptable standards of behavior.

The Code is intended to serve as a supplement to any and all local laws, rules, and regulations by identifying global good practices and processes. It is maintained and updated by the Global Foreign Exchange Committee.