Sara Wardell-Smith
Global Head of Foreign Exchange Division (Sales and Trading) & International Treasury – Executive Vice President, Wholesale Banking – Wells Fargo N.A.
Sara Wardell-Smith is a Director of the Board of CLS Group Holdings AG and also serves on the Board of CLS Bank International.

Ms. Wardell-Smith, located in San Francisco, CA, joined Wells Fargo N.A. in 1995, during which time she has held several roles in the Foreign Exchange Division. Ms. Wardell-Smith was named Global Head of Foreign Exchange Division (Sales & Trading) and International Treasury – Executive Vice President in 2007. She is globally responsible for the Foreign Exchange & International Treasury Sales and Trading Division, successfully navigating the highly-dynamic regulatory environment and adjusting business strategy to ensure continued success and industry out-performance. Prior to her current role, Ms. Wardell-Smith was Global Head of Foreign Exchange Sales, responsible for consumer, corporate and institutional FX sales, and quantitative research/risk management team. Ms. Wardell-Smith received her Bachelor of Science Degree in International Financial Economics from the University of San Francisco, CA. Ms. Wardell-Smith is a Board Member of the Global Foreign Exchange Division, part of the Global Financial Markets Association. Additionally, she is a Working Group Member of the U.S. RMB Working Group, a group that aims to identify, evaluate, and recommend opportunities to develop and expand the trading, clearing, and settlement of the RMB in the U.S.