CGI has the experience, knowledge and solutions to design, build and operate country-wide solutions from high-care to real-time and batch payments. We also provide services for all participants in the new payments world, whether corporates, member banks, central market infrastructure providers or regulators. CGI understands the complete payments value chain.

With decades of experience, we have made fundamental contributions to the payments industry, from the design of the SWIFT network for international transfers in 1973 to the most recent advances in the design and implementation of payment infrastructures and processes. CGI also supported the design and development of a new CLS framework, as well as the CLS interface for member banks. Our extensive experience, combined with our end-to-end technology services and payment capabilities, can help you implement world-class payment services.

CGI’s payment solutions enable banks to efficiently manage regulatory and market changes while introducing new and tailored services across the globe. With minimal disruption and risk, our solutions help you to transform your payments business model and update your processes, making them easily adjustable for future requirements, all while providing consistent, reliable and innovative services to your clients.

CGI’s market-leading solution, CLS Manager, has been designed to support member banks with the control, reconciliation and automation of their CLS business. Because of its component-based, multi-tiered architecture, CLS Manager does all of this with ease.

Contact: Cathy Pin, Head of Global Payments
Telephone: +1 514-841-3200