Wall Street Systems provides a complete set of CLS solutions for settlement members and third parties.

These solutions can be deployed either as a standalone and agnostic to your Front and Back Office infrastructure, or as part of either the Wallstreet FX or Wallstreet BackOffice solution.

The key attributes of the Wallstreet CLS solution are:

  • FX market focused solution
  • Support for all CLS member types
  • Accepts any FX trade notification method (XML, TOF, MT300, Web Service etc)
  • Full support for eligibility overrides, In-out and In-In Swaps
  • Support for multi branch, multi entity global organizations
  • Monitor CLS activity and exposure at any level (fourth party, third party, branch, entity, whole)
  • Multiple funding options
  • Support for emergency payments and liquidity calls
  • Full reconciliation suite
  • New product ready

Contact: Leonie Alsop
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3170 3000
Email: info@wallstreetsystems.com
Website: https://iongroup.com/ion-markets/frc-market-making/