When entering the FX market, it’s best to come prepared. Traders can face allocation and execution challenges when trading in less liquid currencies or trying to maximize alpha capture without creating price impact. Incorporating volume forecasts in either algorithmic or non-algorithmic trading strategies can lead to a better view of your trading capacity and better risk management while minimizing price slippage.

The benefits

  • Better optimize and time your trading strategies in liquid and illiquid pairs
  • Quickly and accurately detect short, medium, and long term potential price movements
  • Reduce signaling risk and market impact of your trades
  • Improve your transaction cost analysis and lessen the potential for a higher cost of execution
  • Offset your trade risk and manage your FX intraday position more efficiently with better transparency around the measure of liquidity in the market and size of transaction costs
  • Support your analysis of volume surges in the market for a better view of your trade strategy capacity and stress testing

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