FX Spot Volume

Intraday hourly, daily and monthly executed FX trade volume data in 33 currency pairs to enhance trading models, support post-trade analysis and reporting, and strengthen investment and research intelligence.

Increasing regulatory demands, market conduct requirements and understanding the impact of market moving events as they unfold, continue to drive demand for timely market data by foreign exchange market participants. While quoted currency prices are readily available in the market, executed currency volumes are not.

With access to over 50% of global FX volumes for 18 currencies and FX instruments (swap, spot, and outright forward) CLS operates the world's largest multicurrency cash settlement service to mitigate FX settlement risk and maintains the largest single FX executed trade data set.

As FX spot volume data effectively confirms price movements, the new CLSMarketData intraday FX spot volume data provides quality, executed trade transactions – USD1.55 trillion average daily traded volume – at a higher frequency, giving you the comprehensive market visibility you need for more informed business decisions.




FX Volume
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