An innovative post-trade monitoring and reporting tool designed for asset managers, funds, banks, non-bank financial institutions and multinational corporations

Improving post-trade efficiency in an evolving and fragmented FX market has become a significant priority for market participants.  There is a heightened focus on transparency throughout the trade lifecycle and an increased requirement for transactional reporting due to regulatory reform. The lack of established standardized post-trade consolidated reporting tools can increase operational risk and limit visibility.  

CLSTradeMonitor1 is a new post-trade monitoring and reporting tool that provides a single view of all trade instructions submitted to CLSSettlement and CLSNet1 - our new bilateral payment netting solution built on a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform - regardless of CLSSettlement provider. Providing enhanced transparency, CLSTradeMonitor is a reliable mechanism to reduce operational risk.


  • Post-trade transparency – consolidated multilateral and bilateral reporting view
  • Platform agnostic, user friendly interface and navigation
  • Timely reporting of unmatched and alleged trades.



1 New services created and launched by CLS Group outside of CLSSettlement are considered as complementary enhanced offerings with no impact on reporting for settlement members through the member gateway. The launch of the services are subject to regulatory approval.



CLSTradeMonitor - asset managers