Access additional processing capacity and reduce operational risk caused by high-frequency, low-value FX trading using our trade aggregation service.

CLS Aggregation Services LLC is a trade aggregation service for FX spot transactions and addresses the operational and capacity challenges experienced by banks as a result of high-frequency FX trading.

Addresses operational and capacity challenges in the FX market

A joint venture between CLS and NEX Optimisation's Traiana business, the service works by aggregating matched FX trades to a single trade which, in the case of the currencies eligible for CLSSettlement, is then processed through for settlement.

We have expanded the service to include the aggregation of matched FX trades for offshore Chinese renminbi (CNH), Russian ruble (RUB), Turkish lira (TRY) and Polish zloty (PLN), each against the US dollar (USD) and euro (EUR).

Aggregation service:

Reduced operational and market risk

Standardized post-trade, pre-settlement delivery

Enhanced capacity for the banks' middle and back office systems - especially beneficial on peak volume days