International regulators recognize compression as a vital tool in portfolio and capital management. Our FX compression service helps to manage gross notional exposures and reduce counterparty credit risk. This brings regulatory and economic capital benefits and enables you to reduce the size of your outstanding portfolios without fundamentally changing your market position. 

Compression is a vital tool in portfolio and capital management

We collaborated with TriOptima to deliver triReduce CLS FX. The service combines our central role in the FX market with TriOptima’s compression expertise.

The compression cycle runs monthly and enables both compression of trades as well as the ability to achieve net exposure reduction by adding new, offsetting trades.




  • Reduced operational risk
  • Reduced counterparty exposure and counterparty credit risk
  • Reduced gross notional exposures
  • Improved regulatory leverage ratio
  • Improved capital usage and efficiencies


Compression for third parties