Our unique position at the center of the FX market and our active engagement with a network of leading banks, corporations, investors, and central banks, as well as the global regulatory and public policy community, gives us unparalleled insight into genuine market needs. Insight drives our agenda, ensuring we innovate to meet those needs as they evolve in line with new regulations, new technologies and emerging currencies.

How can CLS help you?


We offer a range of settlement, processing and data solutions to reduce risk and create efficiencies for banks active in the FX market.


Corporates operating in the FX market today face a range of challenges, including pressures to reduce risk, maximize operational efficiencies and comply with an increasing number of regulatory requirements.


Over 75% of the top-tier investment managers currently use CLSSettlement. Our unrivaled global settlement infrastructure delivers huge efficiencies and savings for our clients so you can put your capital and resources to better use.

Non-bank financial institutions

Non-bank financial institutions have become increasingly active in the FX market as the trend towards diversification of investment towards foreign assets continues. We offer a range of settlement, processing and data solutions to reduce risk and create efficiencies for non-bank financial institutions active in the FX market.

Our settlement community

Settlement members​

We've earned the trust of our members - over 70 of the world's most important financial institutions - through the delivery of our world-leading settlement service.

Third parties

Over 28,000 third-party clients use our world-leading settlement service to mitigate settlement risk for their FX trades while benefiting from operational efficiencies, in addition to best-in-class netting and liquidity management.

Third-party service providers

A number of our members provide access to our world-leading FX settlement service to their customers, enabling them to benefit from the risk mitigation and operational efficiencies we provide.

Our vendor and partner community

Vendor community​

The delivery of our FX settlement service is dependent on a technology vendor community that provides software and services to our clients.