FX Volume

Quality, executed trade volume data to enhance your trading models, support post-trade analysis and reporting and strengthen investment and research analysis.

Our FX volume dataset is available for spot, swap and outright forward FX instruments, offering an unparalleled view of the market across detailed tenors to help you improve your understanding of liquidity fluctuations and risk positions.

FX volume provides intraday hourly or daily executed FX spot trade volume data in 40 currency pairs. Trade volumes are aggregated by currency pair in terms of both number of trades and total value in USD equivalent and delivered within 30 minutes following the conclusion of the hour for the intraday hourly dataset.

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CLS Award Data FX Markets Asia 2020
CLS Award Data FX Week 2019
  • Improve your understanding of the changing nature of global currency markets and trading performance by researching historical trends.
  • Strengthen your liquidity strategies and support trend analysis over different tenors.
  • Enhance your trading models and strategies and support post-trade analysis and reporting by incorporating liquidity at each tenor.
  • Evaluate performance, achieve greater. insight into market dynamics and support your business and trading models by developing new forwards and swaps market analytics.
  • Reduce trading risk quickly and accurately by analyzing trends over different tenors.

USD/JPN FX Spot Volume YoY comparison

Clsmarketdata Volume

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