CLSNet today

CLSNet is a standardized, automated bilateral payment netting calculation service for buy-side and sell-side institutions. CLSNet enhances risk mitigation for trades not settling in CLSSettlement by standardizing and automating post-trade matching and netting processes.

  • Centralized infrastructure with matching and legal confirmation of 120 currencies* including same day and NDFs
  • Mutual netting payment calculation and operational screens/reports
  • NDF capabilities including fixing source match
  • Supports adherence to Principles 35 and 50 of the FX Global Code - settlement risk mitigation and best practice in post-trade processing

Streamlined workflow

  • Standardized netting calculation and process
  • Automation of netting reconciliation


Exploring alternative PvP

Leveraging our unique position at the center of the FX industry and our experience with CLSNet, we are working in partnership with the public and private sector to develop an alternative PvP solution that will address settlement risk for currencies that are not currently eligible for CLSSettlement.

Proposed alternative PvP**

  • Settlement risk mitigation
  • Liquidity and funding optimization
  • Completes post-trade lifecycle
  • Centralized solution for FX market

FSB roadmap / FX Global Code guidance

  • Working Group of 12 settlement members
  • Pilot to evaluate potential alternative PvP solutions
  • Ongoing engagement with public policy community
  • Formal responses to consultations (FSB roadmap / FX Global Code)
*CLSNet’s coverage includes currencies that are not issued by countries on a sanctioned list that would prevent CLS from conducting business with those countries and their issued currencies.
**Subject to all necessary approvals

How it works


  • Operational risk mitigation
  • Reduced credit consumption
  • Mutual system processing
    and operational efficiencies
  • Removal of manual reconciliation
  • Liquidity enhancements

Who should use it:

  • Asset managers
  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • Hedge funds
  • Non bank financial institutions


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