Our bilateral payment netting solution, operating on a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform, allows you to drive operational process efficiencies, such as optimizing intraday liquidity, enabling real-time awareness of currency and counterparty exposures, and reducing risk.

CLSNet is a revolutionary FX product that addresses the wider post-trade processing needs of our clients.

Market standardization for post-trade processes

Considered the first global FX market enterprise application running on blockchain in production, CLSNet has been developed for, and in collaboration with, buy-side and sell-side institutions. It aims to increase the levels of payment netting calculations for trades not settling in CLSSettlement while introducing standardization and automation for the entire FX market.



Participants submit FX instructions to CLSNet for spot, tom/next day, forwards, non-deliverable forwards (NDFs), swaps and same-day trades for approximately 120 currencies1.

Unlike other market solutions, CLSNet is agnostic with regards to the trading platform/venue on which a client chooses to trade.

CLSNet benefits:

  • Operational risk mitigation
  • System processing and operational efficiencies
  • Liquidity enhancements



1 CLSNet’s coverage will include currencies that are not issued by countries on a sanctioned list that would prevent CLS from conducting business with those countries and their issued currencies.


CLSNet confirmation protocol