Since our launch in 2002, we have significantly reduced settlement risk across many of the world’s most actively traded currencies – forming the bedrock for growth in the FX market.

We mitigate settlement risk for 18 of the world’s most actively traded currencies. Currencies are sovereign and we maintain accounts with each of the central banks whose currencies are eligible for CLSSettlement.

Banco De Mexico

Banco de México

Mexican peso

Bank Of Canada

Bank of Canada

Canadian dollar

Bank Of England

Bank of England

Pound sterling

Bank Of Israel

Bank of Israel

Israeli shekel

Bank Of Japan

Bank of Japan

Japanese yen

Bank Of Korea

Bank of Korea

Korean won

Danmarks Nationalbank

Danmarks Nationalbank

Danish krone

European Central Bank

European Central Bank


Federal Reserve Bank Of New York

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

US dollar

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Hong Kong dollar

Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Hungarian forint

Monetary Authority Of Singapore

Monetary Authority of Singapore

Singapore dollar

Norges Bank

Norges Bank

Norwegian krone

Reserve Bank Of Australia

Reserve Bank of Australia

Australian dollar

Reserve Bank Of New Zealand Logo

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

New Zealand dollar

South African Reserve Bank

South African Reserve Bank

South African rand

Sveriges Riksbank

Sveriges Riksbank

Swedish krona

Swiss National Bank

Swiss National Bank

Swiss franc

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