Our FX flow dataset is available for spot, swap and outright forward FX instruments, helping to inform hedging strategies, reduce risk and enhance your risk-adjusted returns.

FX flow data provides data illustrating aggregate flow between certain counterparty types: market makers and price takers; non-bank financial institutions and banks; funds and banks; and corporates and banks.

The benefits

  • Fine tune your trading strategy by detecting short-, medium- and long-term flow and directional trends on a daily basis, quickly and accurately.
  • Improve your trading strategies and algorithms to minimize market impact in the near term.
  • Support your backtesting efforts by accurately assessing the effect of market moving events on the exchange rate at different horizons.
  • Achieve an improved understanding of trading flows by calibrating your trading models more effectively and structure your positions according to likely increases in flow.
  • Manage your risk and liquidity through in-depth insight into market participant behaviorthms to incorporate liquidity at each tenor.

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