Trusted by thousands of counterparties within the global FX ecosystem, we make FX safer, smoother and more cost effective.

We offer a range of settlement, processing, and data solutions to reduce risk and create efficiencies for banks active in the FX market.


The global standard in FX settlement risk mitigation


Mitigate settlement risk for your FX trades, while benefiting from operational efficiencies, in addition to best-in-class netting and liquidity management.


Mitigate the FX settlement risk associated with the out-legs of CLSSettlement in/out swaps and other same-day FX transactions using our gross payment-versus-payment settlement service.

Cross currency swaps

Mitigate FX settlement risk, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce your liquidity and payment demand for cross currency swap trades using our world-leading settlement service.

OTC derivatives

Simplify and streamline the payment process for your OTC credit derivatives cash flows.


Streamline operations, optimize capital and reduce risk across FX settlement-related processes


Our bilateral payment netting calculation solution allows you to drive operational process efficiencies, such as optimizing intraday liquidity, enabling real-time awareness of currency and counterparty exposures, and reducing risk.


Manage your gross notional exposures, optimize your capital usage, and mitigate your counterparty credit risk with the support of our CLS-approved optimization service providers.


Efficiently manage executed FX trades through timely, consolidated reporting across all your CLSSettlement providers.


Empowering the global FX community with unparalleled data-driven insight into market dynamics


Access an unparalleled view of market activity to support best execution, risk mitigation and reporting requirements through our comprehensive suite of FX data products.

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Case study Case study

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