Our position at the center of the FX ecosystem enables us to capture a uniquely large and diverse amount of data. We apply robust data science and machine-learning techniques to create FX alternative datasets that promote market transparency, support regulatory needs and support the alpha generation process.

As the largest single source of FX executed data available to the market, our datasets include data based on over 1 billion trades dating back to 2002. We leverage the power of this information to help market participants understand market dynamics and improve decision making.

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FX alternative data highlights:

  • Access to over 50% of global FX traded volumes in the market for the 18 currencies CLS settles across 40 currency pairs.
  • Our FX alternative data is the largest single source of FX executed trade data available to the market.
  • Aggregated trade volumes delivered by currency pair and in terms of both number of trades and total value in USD equivalent on an intraday hourly, daily and monthly basis.
  • Standardized and easy-to-use data sets made available through an open data delivery.
  • Quality-controlled by CLS and adjusted to equate to the same reporting convention used by the Bank for International.
  • Settlements (BIS) and the semiannual foreign exchange committee market reports.


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