CLSMarketData is an award-winning comprehensive suite of FX alternative datasets. We provide our clients with access to over 50% of global FX traded volumes in the market for the 18 currencies settled in CLSSettlement.

We leverage the power of this information to help market participants understand market dynamics and improve decision making.

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CLS Award Data FX Markets Asia 2020

CLSMarketData – Largest single source of FX executed data

Our datasets include data based on over 3 billion trades executed since 2011.


CLSMarketData – largest single source of FX executed data.

Why CLSMarketdata?

In-depth market coverage:
Our alternative FX datasets provide you with the data needed to improve your understanding of FX trading and market dynamics. Alternative datasets are highly beneficial in analyzing traded volumes, market trends and helping draw insights.

Diversification of data sources:
Leveraging CLSMarketData can help broaden your view with access to a wider range of trading activities from a more diverse array of market participants.

Don't limit your trading potential with data from just one FX market source.

Alternative FX datasets alongside traditional FX market data

While traditional FX market data offers essential insights into currency market movements, alternative datasets provide a deeper, more nuanced picture of market trends and behaviors.

Enhanced market analysis
A variety of data points are presented in the alternative FX datasets, including FX Flow, FX Volume and FX Outstanding. The broader spectrum of information allows market participants to gain a more comprehensive view of the market, leading to more informed strategies.

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