FX global landscape

Created by the market for the market, active engagement with our network of leading banks, corporations, investors and central banks, as well as the global regulatory community, affords us the insight and the expertise to be an authoritative commentator on the developments and challenges facing the industry.


"Normalizing monetary policy” when and how?

John Hagon talks operational resillience with FNA

COVID-19 and the importance of resilient financial market infrastructures

CLSMarketData insights into COVID-19

Moving from concept to production: FinTech comes of age


Regional FX focus

In the world's largest market, you need a partner you can trust. We apply the expertise, network and trust we have built as a global financial market infrastructure to deliver targeted solutions to the FX market that meet the needs of our clients on a regional and global basis.


Public policy proposals acknowledge the need for greater PvP adoption

Pensions: take charge of currency risk

Margaret Law talks all things CLS to the Hong Kong Economic Times

Managing currency risk: time for a change?

Risk management in APAC: how the buy-side is embracing best practice




Alternative FX data

Our position at the center of the FX ecosystem enables us to capture a uniquely large and diverse amount of data. We apply robust data science and machine-learning techniques to create FX alternative datasets that promote market transparency, support regulatory needs and support the alpha generation process.


The Value of Volume

Examining risk-off periods and its potential impact on currency movement

CLSMarketData: University of St.Gallen analysis reveals new insights into FX market

What is driving EUR/USD corporate trading volume?

Alternative FX Data: FX data comes of age

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Why big data matters: How using smart data and AI can enhance FX trading

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