Mitigating FX settlement risk in Hong Kong

Reduce risk, improve efficiency and increase liquidity

CLS is the world leader in FX settlement solutions. Our clients benefit from increased liquidity - with their funding requirements reduced by 96% or more through multilateral netting.

We deliver this alongside reduced settlement risk and improved efficiency. Since we launched in 2002, we have significantly reduced settlement risk from 18 currencies eligible for CLSSettlement. Today we settle an average of USD5 trillion payment instructions every day and are systemically important to the FX market. The strength of our network is based on the proven quality of our service; our clients know we have a zero-tolerance attitude to failure. As the market evolves, we continue to innovate and expand - bringing excellence in settlement solutions to new market participants.

Markets don’t stand still. We don’t either.

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CLS has been settling the Hong Kong dollar since 2004

“We are seeing an increase in participation in CLSSettlement from pension funds and the buy-side more generally across the region as the buy-side becomes increasingly aware of the risks associated with currency settlement outside of CLS.”

Margaret Law,
Head of Client Management, APAC