Regulations such as MiFID II have introduced a broad range of changes to data and reporting obligations for post-trade transparency. In addition to the public reporting of trades (price and volume), obligations now extend to all financial instruments and asset classes with increased data field requirements.

CLSReporting is an end-of-day FX matched instruction report
It provides an enhanced view of overall FX trade activity. Data required for reporting under MiFID II such as legal entity identifiers (LEIs) for counterparties and funds, timestamps, product identifier (spot, forward or swap) and execution venues, are available allowing clients to address their transactional reporting requirements more effectively.

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Support your MiFID II and other regulatory transaction reporting obligations with our end-of-day FX matched instructions report.

  • Post-trade transparency
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Post-trade analysis
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Risk and compliance management
  • Counterparty control

  • Duplicative reporting of trades
  • Under-reporting on trade activity
  • Effort to resolve data gaps or breaks
  • Counterparty risk

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Product overview Product overview

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Product overview Product overview

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