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Gerard Brady
Independent/Outside Director

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Gerard Brady

Mr. Brady previously served as the Global Chief Information Security Officer ("CISO") for Morgan Stanley.

Mr. Brady is a former CISO and Technology Executive with decades of experience building and operating Information Security and Cybersecurity programs. He regularly interfaced with management, boards, regulators, and law enforcement on sensitive matters. He is experienced in complex incident response, crisis management, operating in high-risk jurisdictions, and global cybersecurity regulations.

Mr. Brady served at Morgan Stanley between 2005 and 2022, initially as the Global Head of IT Security before assuming the role of the Global Chief Information Security Officer between 2012 and 2021. He was appointed Morgan Stanley Distinguished Engineer in 2019. Before joining Morgan Stanley, Mr. Brady served as the Head of Enterprise Security Software and Head of Emerging Technologies for Internet Security Systems and as the Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer for Guardent (A VeriSign acquisition). Earlier in his career, Mr. Brady held senior positions in Information Security, Cybersecurity, and Technology at Prudential, JP Morgan and Bankers Trust.

Mr. Brady has a history of engagement on financial sector-wide issues and US government / private sector partnerships. He was a founding board member for the Financial Services Analysis and Resiliency Center and has been a seasoned board member for industry organizations and advisory boards, including four years on the board of CLS Group Holdings AG, representing Morgan Stanley.

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