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Gottfried Leibbrandt
Chair of the Board and Independent/Outside Director

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Gottfried Leibbrandt

Mr. Leibbrandt served as the Chief Executive Officer of Swift from 2012 to 2019.

Prior to his role as Chief Executive Officer, he held several roles within Swift, including Head of Marketing, Head of Standards and Director of Strategy and Business Development.

Before joining Swift, Mr. Leibbrandt was a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he focused on financial institutions, specifically payments and transactions.

Mr. Leibbrandt is a senior advisor with McKinsey & Company. In early 2022, Mr. Leibbrandt became the Chairman of the Dutch Payments Association which coordinates the collective tasks related to the infrastructure, standards, regulations and product features of the payment system to ensure that the Dutch payment system functions properly.

In addition, Mr. Leibbrandt is the author of a book published in July 2021 (Elliott and Thompson): “The payoff: how changing the way we pay changes everything” (with co-author Natasha de Terán).

Mr. Leibbrandt received an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, holds an MA in Econometrics and Statistics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and holds a PhD in Economics from University of Maastricht.

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