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John Trundle
Independent/Outside Director

CLS Entity
CLS Group Holdings

John Trundle

John Trundle is an Outside (Independent) Director of the Board of CLS Group Holdings AG and also serves on the Board of CLS UK Intermediate Holdings Ltd.

Mr. Trundle is the former Chief Executive Officer, member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Management Committee for Euroclear UK & Ireland. He was responsible for implementing the strategy set by the Board, organizing its delivery, and giving purpose to the staff of the company. Prior to this, Mr. Trundle was the Chief Risk Officer and a Managing Director for Euroclear SA/NV and held several positions at the Bank of England, most recently as the Head of the Business Continuity and Financial Market Infrastructure Divisions.

Mr. Trundle is an experienced board member and Chairman in the public and private sector and has held advisory roles with the SWIFT Institute Advisory Council, International Business Diplomatic Exchange, Global Business Schools Network, Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, and recently with the Financial Conduct Authority. Mr. Trundle holds a Master of Science in Business Studies from the London Business School and a Master of Arts in Economics from St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge.

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