15 September 2016

Monthly volumes and values, July 2016

Total input volumes1 and values

In July 2016:

  • The average daily input volume submitted to CLS, combining the settlement and aggregation services, was 883,368 down 15.9% from 1,050,046 in July 2016
  • The average daily input value submitted to CLS was USD4.68 trillion down 0.2% from USD4.69 trillion in July 2016.


August 2015 July 2016 August 2016
Average daily input volume of instructions submitted to CLS 1,170,313 1,050,046 883,368
CLS Settlement Service input 901,469 785,736 677,688
CLS Aggregation Service input 268,844 264,310 205,680
Average daily input value of matched instructions submitted to CLS (USD trillion) USD4.63 USD4.69 USD4.68


 1 Input volumes are the number of instructions received by CLS on a given day for future settlement. Input instructions are not necessarily settled during the month in which they were submitted.

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