CLS shortlisted for Best Data Analysis Provider

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10 September 2020

CLS has been shortlisted for best data analysis provider in the Data Management Insight Awards for 2020. This is testament to our quick response to provide our clients with free insights into market dynamics during what has been a period of unprecedented market volatility.

However, for our partners and us to be recognized for our efforts in supporting the market, we do need your vote.

This year, we started using technology provided by causaLens, a pioneer of Causal AI and a provider of Time-Series machine learning software, to analyze historical CLS flow data alongside past and present data points of economic factors to discover predictive variables for EUR/USD trading volume by corporates. The causaLens AI technology identified a significant change in the leading factor driving corporate FX volumes - the TED spread - was no longer a significant factor during the COVID-19 crisis.

We have also collaborated with Mosaic Smart Data and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG) to provide ongoing liquidity analysis as the FX market continues to experience volatility. Developed in just a few weeks, these new analytics harness our robust, aggregated FX market data, MUFG’s aggregated FX order book data and Mosaic Smart Data’s advanced analytics software to deliver weekly FX liquidity insights as a free service for market participants.

Both analytics initiatives are built using our robust and comprehensive data. Access to this FX alternative data provides an unparalleled view of market activity to support best execution, risk mitigation and reporting requirements. We offers access to over 50% of global FX volumes and the FX alternative data is transaction based, platform agnostic, and dynamic.


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