E-Forex speaks to Chief Growth Officer Lisa Danino-Lewis

5 min read
16 December 2022

Lisa highlights the continued growth in the values settled in CLSSettlement throughout 2022, largely driven by asset managers, corporates and regional banks using the service.

She also discusses the increased momentum in CLS’s bilateral payment netting calculation service, CLSNet. The service is designed to mitigate risk, optimize liquidity and enhance operational efficiencies for currency flows outside of CLSSettlement. It has seen significant growth in 2022 a 179% year-on-year increase in the average daily notional of net calculations in H1 2021.

“CLSNet enables a wider group of market participants to benefit directly from the operational cost reduction and risk mitigation the service delivers, as well as supporting adherence to the FX Global Code.”

Lisa Danino-Lewis
Chief Growth Officer
Eforex Clssettlement Clsnet Growth

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