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Keith Tippell

Chief Product Officer

Keith Tippell joins panellists across the FX community to discuss Settlement risk mitigation, the current landscape, the challenges and benefits on mitigating risk and future collaboration strategies.

Victoria Cumings, Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA)

Keith Tippell, CLS
Hampton Finer, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Maryanne Morrow, 9th Gear
Jerome Kemp, Baton Systems

Panel discussion: Settlement risk – What to tackle and how?

  • When it comes to physical settlement of FX, mitigation of settlement risk is key. How much settlement risk exists in FX and where are the gaps?
  • What is the current landscape, in terms of mechanisms and services to minimize settlement risk and what are the factors that go into mitigating settlement risk?
  • What are the benefits of mitigating settlement risk and what are the hurdles?
  • A joint effort: Can central banks, FX market participants, infrastructures and vendors work together to address settlement risk through collaboration?