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Power to Fly - Diversity Reboot 2023
21 June 2023

Pride: Financial Services Can Be More Inclusive Than You Think

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Oliver Uitenbroek, Head of Communications and Marketing and co-executive sponsor of CLS’s Pride network and Michelle Clark, Operational Change Manager and CLS Pride network co-lead, will discuss what CLS has done to foster LGBTQIA+ inclusivity across all levels of the organization.

Register to hear their views as they take part in a Q&A hosted by Power to Fly. 

11:00 - 11:30 (ET)
21 June 2023

Oli Uitenbroek Colour

Oli Uitenbroek

Head of Communications and Marketing

Oliver is responsible for determining and implementing the global Communications & Marketing strategy across all external audiences, ensuring a consistent global brand and narrative across all channels and conversations. He is also co-executive sponsor of the CLS Pride network.

Michelle Clark Bw

Michelle Clark

Operational Change Manager

Michelle is an operational change manager at CLS where she is responsible for designing and enhancing operations processes, acting as a lead operations stakeholder for changes impacting end user systems and services, and providing oversight of process improvement initiatives. Additionally, Michelle is a founder and co-lead of the CLS Pride network.

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