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Dirk Bullmann
Global Head of Public Policy


Dirk Bullmann

Dirk Bullmann joined CLS in 2022 as Global Head of Public Policy and is responsible for formulating, developing and implementing our global public policy strategy. He represents CLS on all aspects of policymaker engagement, and leads CLS’s innovation-related research activities with a particular focus on distributed ledger technologies and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Prior to joining CLS, Dirk spent over 20 years at the European Central Bank (ECB) where he held a number of managerial and advisory roles. He led the ECB’s innovation team and the innovation lab in the Directorate General Market Infrastructure and Payments and was responsible for coordinating innovation activities amongst the euro area central banks. In addition, Dirk was the Adviser to the ECB’s Chief Services Officer and Adviser to the Director General Market Infrastructure and Payments. He was also the Secretary to the Eurosystem Payment and Settlement Systems Committee.

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