Should CBDC (retail and/or wholesale) be tokenized?

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The Central Banks Payments Conference is focused on central bank payments and market infrastructure issues and challenges.

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Dirk Bullmann

Managing Director, Office of the CEO

Dirk Bullmann joined CLS in 2022 as Global Head of Public Policy and is responsible for formulating, developing and implementing our global public policy strategy. He represents CLS on all aspects of policymaker engagement, and leads CLS’s innovation-related research activities with a particular focus on distributed ledger technologies and Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Managing Director, Office of the CEO, Dirk Bullmann joins two sessions at the event:

Pre-event workshop focused on 'Tokenization of Digital Assets concepts' that will aim to deep dive into the hurdles tokenization faces while also unravelling the potential of public or private blockchains.

Monday 10 June
14:00 - 17:00 (MST) 

Panel session 'Should CBDC (retail and/or wholesale) be tokenized?'

Sonja Davidovic, Advisor
BIS Innovation Hub Singapore

Tim Hermans, Executive Director
National Bank of Belgium

Claudine Hurman, Director for Innovation
Infrastructure & Payments, Bank of France

Wednesday 12 June
09:05 - 09:55 (MST)

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