Bringing it to life

Diversity is a key part of any healthy working environment - research shows companies with more diverse teams outperform those with a homogeneous workforce. Individuality and diversity of thought inspires creativity and original thinking. Our diversity and inclusion initiatives have included full support for Black History Month, International Women’s Day and Pride.

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Minding the gender gap

We are proud to have an Executive Management Committee that is 40% women, and one in which all members are fully committed to fostering greater gender balance.

Our Women’s Forum hosts events throughout the year. In 2019 we became a member of Women in Banking and Finance, a UK membership organization for finance and banking professionals, supplementing our other memberships - including the US-based Elevate network and Women’s Bond Club.

04 Inclusion Row2 2Create Equality

Global unity

All colleagues have a personal responsibility for supporting and advancing an inclusive, fair and transparent culture, and understand our commitment to:

Attracting and engaging diverse talent from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives

Leveraging differences to promote an inclusive culture underpinned by trust and respect

Empowering every employee to deliver our strategy while achieving their own personal potential

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