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Dominique Le Masson
Shareholder Director

CLS Entity
CLS Group Holdings
CLS Bank International
BNP Paribas Group

Ms. Le Masson is currently the Head of Market Infrastructure Management at BNP Paribas Group based in Paris.

Ms. Le Masson is a member of a major infrastructure advisory group at National Central Bank and European Central Bank level in addition to major CCPs where she represents the BNP Paribas Group as a whole. She is also strongly involved in clearing evolution, especially for fixed income, repurchase agreements, over-the-counter FX and swaps in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. Before assuming the Senior Coordinator role in March 2017, Ms. Le Masson held several other roles including Head of Central Treasury at ALM Treasury and was a member of the Comex of BNP Paribas Group ALMT. Ms. Le Masson has spent most of her career with the Bank and since 1983 has held various roles related to financial markets, including as an FX Swap Trader, before joining the ALM Treasury as a USD treasurer and then becoming Deputy Head of Central Treasury. Ms. Le Masson graduated in 1981 from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris(ESCP).

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