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Sheryl Kennedy
Independent/Outside Director

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Sheryl Kennedy

Sheryl Kennedy served as the Chief Executive Officer of Promontory Financial Group Canada, an IBM Company from January 2009 to December 2018, after which she served as non-executive Chair for a year.

As Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Kennedy led the Canadian arm of Promontory Financial Group for the consulting and managed services business. As a member of the management committee of Promontory Financial Group, she reviewed business opportunities and assured efficient and effective profitable operations globally. Ms. Kennedy provided strategic, risk management and regulatory compliance advisory services to financial service clients. 

Prior to Promontory, Ms. Kennedy was the Deputy Governor for the Bank of Canada for fourteen years. As a member of the Governing Council, she was collectively responsible for monetary policy decisions, financial system stability and management of the central bank. In addition, at different times over her fourteen-year tenure as Deputy Governor, she was individually responsible for the Bank’s research agenda and analysis of the Canadian economy in support of monetary policy, financial markets analysis, funds management services, debt operations, foreign exchange reserves management and risk management, and administration, currency issuance and banking services including payment, settlement and collateral services. 

Ms. Kennedy graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, holds a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University and studied finance at the London School of Economics.

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