Addressing the key issues in cross-border payments

10 min read
3 November 2021
Marc Bayle de Jessé
Chief Executive Officer
Central Bank Payments Conference

FX settlement risk in cross-border payments may be reaching levels that threaten global financial stability, due to an increase in trading of currencies that do not have access to payment-versus-payment settlement mechanisms.

In his speech, Marc outlines how CLS is supporting the work of the FSB and CPMI to enhance cross-border payments with a particular focus on FX settlement risk mitigation.

Watch CEO Marc Bayle de Jesse’s keynote speech at the 2021 Central Bank Payments Conference.

“A strong public-private partnership – similar to the one that created CLS in 2002 – is required to build a successful cross-border solution to remove FX settlement risk from global financial markets.”

Marc Bayle de Jessé
Chief Executive Officer

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