January 2021
1.92 USD trillion
Total daily traded volume submitted to CLS
up 9.1% compared to December 2020

Masami Johnstone
Head of Information Services
"Since the start of 2021 we have seen increased activity across all instruments, with average daily traded volumes of USD1.92 trillion in January (up 9.1% over December 2020). Compared to December 2020, there was a sharp increase in FX spot volumes of 13%, while FX forward and FX swap volumes were up 7% and 8%, respectively. In particular, we saw significant increases for EUR/USD (+12%), USD/JPY (15%), USD/CAD (+12%) and AUD/USD (+33%), while GBP/USD declined by 15%.

Compared to last year, average daily traded volumes also increased, up 9% over January 2020. The increase
was largely attributable to higher FX spot (+15%) and FX swap (+8%) volumes. However, there was a significant
decline in FX forward volumes of 12%."


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