Navigating the T+1 implications for FX traders

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FX Markets hosts a webinar to discuss the challenges of a post T+1 world on FX workflows and operations.

CLS joins FX Markets to provide actionable insights for industry professionals navigating the implications of T+1 across their settlement workflows and FX trading operations.

Lisa Danino Lewis CLS FX Colour

Lisa Danino-Lewis

Chief Growth Officer

Lisa Danino-Lewis joins the panel to discuss.

  • How does the compressed timeframe of T+1 settlement in the US and Canadian securities market impact European and Asian asset managers with their FX-related trading? 
  • Are European and Asian asset managers aware of the potential increase in FX settlement risks that could arise under constrained settlement timelines?
  • What operational challenges and changes in FX trading approaches could result from this shift? How capable are firms to settle same-day?
  • Are firms planning to outsource FX trading and execution to custodians?
  • Can buy-side firms utilise automated tools and new technologies to streamline FX trading and settlement processes under a T+1 framework?

Joe Parsons,
Global Markets Deputy Editor, & FX Markets 

Aziz Arib, Director FX Product - Custody FX Currency Overlay, Citi
Jenny Bloomfield, FX Trader, Schroders Investment Management
Melody Martinez Davison, Global Head of FX Institutional sales - Managing Director, BBVA
Paul Matherne, Global FX and STIR Trading Leader, BNY Mellon

Wednesday, 24 April
15:00 - 16:00 (GMT)

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