CLS and Global Custodian join to discuss exposures to FX Settlement risk

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Increased volatility from global market events such as COVID-19, Brexit and the US elections have highlighted that a disruption to the FX market – particularly the materialization of FX settlement risk – could cause panic in markets around the world. In this evolving macroeconomic and regulatory landscape it has become even more important for buy-side firms to ensure their FX settlement protection is in place.

In this webinar, Global Custodian and CLS, along with a panel of investment management and custody experts, will delve into current FX settlement risk mitigation practices and how buy-side firms can gain efficiency and benefit from best execution practices through automation and standardization.


  • How have investment managers approached FX settlement risk over the near and long term?
  • A growing number of asset managers have adopted CLSSettlement to manage their FX settlement risk processes, what benefits have they seen?  
  • What regulatory pressures are most pressing for Investment managers and their FX processes? What solutions will help them to mitigate these pressures? 
  • How can custodian banks further collaborate with investment managers to improve FX settlement?

Watch custody experts and investment mangers discuss settlement risk mitigation with Global Custodian.

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