We are committed to high standards of corporate governance throughout the CLS group. We have a robust governance structure which, in meeting applicable financial and legal requirements, provides what we consider to be an appropriate level of governance flexibility with high standards of business transparency, accountability and independence.

CLS Group Holdings AG

CLS Group Holdings AG is the parent company of the CLS group of companies. It is incorporated in Switzerland and is regulated by the US Federal Reserve as if it were a bank holding company. It is owned by CLS shareholders and has the following operating subsidiaries listed below.

CLS UK Intermediate Holdings Ltd.

CLS UK Intermediate  Holdings Ltd., organized under the laws of England and Wales and located in London, with a representative office in Tokyo and a branch office in Hong Kong, acts as an intermediate holding company and provides corporate services to the CLS group of companies.  It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, CLS Services Ltd. and CLS Bank International.

CLS Bank International

CLS Bank International (CLS Bank) is an Edge Act corporation which is a limited purpose institution regulated by the US Federal Reserve. CLS Bank is located in New York and provides the settlement service and, to do so, maintains a central bank account for each of the 18 eligible currencies. The Federal Reserve acts as the lead overseer of CLS Bank in a cooperative oversight arrangement with the central banks whose currencies are settled by CLS Bank. 

CLS Services Ltd.

CLS Services Ltd., a company organized under the laws of England and Wales and located in London, provides technical and operational support to CLS Bank.