Non-bank financial institutions have become increasingly active in the FX market as the trend towards diversification of investment towards foreign assets continues. We offer a range of settlement, processing and data solutions to reduce risk and create efficiencies for non-bank financial institutions active in the FX market.

Settlement - the global standard in FX settlement risk mitigation

CLSSettlement: mitigate settlement risk for your FX trades, while benefiting from operational efficiencies, in addition to best-in-class netting and liquidity management.

Processing - streamline operations, optimize capital and reduce risk across  the global standard in FX settlement risk mitigation

CLSTradeMonitor: efficiently manage executed FX trades through timely, consolidated reporting across all your CLSSettlement providers.

Data - empowering the global FX community with unparalleled data-driven insight into market dynamics

CLSMarketData: access an unparalleled view of market activity to support best execution, risk mitigation and reporting requirements through our comprehensive suite of FX data products.


Best practice in FX settlement - Mesirow Financial

In this article, Marisa Kurk, Senior Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for Mesirow Financial’s Currency …

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